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List of all cars made in year "1923"

The search produced 8 matches:

IndexMakeModelChassis NoReg No.YearBodyView Details
217Rolls-Royce2053S4BW 66361923BARKER O-drive D-backclick
262Rolls-Royce2071A6 EL10171923Cabrioletclick
218Rolls-Royce2074A6NP 30321923Funeral Van. Coffin /bodyclick
225Rolls-Royce20GH25(?)OM 91923BARKER Limousineclick
279Rolls-Royce20GH54XO 4241923PARK WARD or RIPPON click
219Rolls-Royce20GA21XP 52391923CARLTON 2-Str.Dropheadclick
236Rolls-Royce20GA14XP 71181923BARKER Cabriolet.click
281Rolls-RoyceSilver Ghost22LMXT 18571923Gill Tourerclick