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List of all cars made by "W.O. Bentley"

The search produced 10 matches:

IndexMakeModelChassis NoReg No.YearBodyView Details
265W.O. Bentley 1929Tourerclick
247W.O. Bentley3/41/2 Litre837BO 92391929Tourer. Long wingclick
250W.O. Bentley3 litreLT1598PF 62041930Specialclick
21W.O .Bentley 4 1/2 Blower 1931Chassisclick
257W.O. Bentley4 1/2 BlowerMS3938 1930Tourerclick
270W.O. Bentley4 1/2 litreXT3635KF374019302-door F'head coupeclick
249W.O. Bentley4 1/2 litreKM3091YV 94861929Tourer Vd Plas.Long wingclick
251W.O. Bentley 6 1/2 litre KMD 4901930Coupe/Sedanca 2-DrLge trunk.click
248W.O. Bentley8-litreYM5040CD 76791930MULLINER 4-Dr 4-Lght Saloonclick
274W.O. BentleySpeed Six 70 CPF1930Cut down Coupe.click