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List of all cars made in year "1938"

The search produced 7 matches:

IndexMakeModelChassis NoReg No.YearBodyView Details
280AFM2-litre HFB 7719382-str cycle-wingclick
17AtalantaV 12 ? FXF 33319382-door F'head Coupeclick
33BugattiType 57S57601 1938Corsica Coupe. One of two final 57s on 05/1938click
57HorchV8 or Str.8 471 ZBZ1938Dropheadclick
87NSU Wanderer3.2 ltr 1938Dropheadclick
100Rolls-Bentley4.25B191HMDLW 6541938Saloonclick
178Rolls-RoycePhantom 33CP144 1938VESTERS & NEIRINCKclick