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List of all cars made by "Rolls-Royce" of model "Phantom 3"

The search produced 6 matches:

IndexMakeModelChassis NoReg No.YearBodyView Details
178Rolls-RoycePhantom 33CP144 1938VESTERS & NEIRINCKclick
179Rolls-RoycePhantom 33 BT173 AMO 8201937HOOPER Sedanca 4-Lightclick
176Rolls-RoycePhantom 33AX181DLW 6441937WINDOVERS 4-Lghtclick
215Rolls-RoycePhantom 33CP104ELA 3031937THRUPP and MABERLY Sedancaclick
177Rolls-RoycePhantom 33BT143ELF 3511936BARKER 4-Lghtclick
180Rolls-RoycePhantom 33BU22PBL 4631937WINDOVERS 4-Lht 4-drclick